Get Involved

Fold a heart, mold a heart, construct a heart however you'd like. Be creative and include a thank you note!

DOWNLOAD PRINTABLE HEARTS HERE (select fit to page when printing)-
Black & White: thank you, stay safe, you got this, firefighter heart, hero heart, healthcare heart, plain heart, double hearts, holding heart, balloon heart, bear heart, bear thank you heart
Color: thank you, stay safe, you got this, hero heart, healthcare heart 1, healthcare heart 2, plain heart, double hearts, holding heart, balloon heart

Your heart can be as simple as cutting out a piece of construction paper. If you want to try something 3D, try an origami heart! You might want to get really creative with playdoh, clay, or paper mache! Follow wherever your creativity leads you. Once your heart is complete, think about how to add a meaningful thank you message. This might end up being directly on your heart or on something attached to it!

Once you are done, you have a few options:

1. Hand it out to a local hero that you interact with in your community (with safe social distancing). For example, leave it in a plastic bag for your mail carrier, or place one on your door for your delivery friend.

2. Let us deliver your heart for you! Please email us here if you would like to be a part of a group donation

3. Can’t get your heart out physically? Share it on social media (Facebook or Instagram) by tagging @TheHeartsForHeroes or #hearts4heroes and we’ll help make sure local heroes see it!

If you have questions about creating your heart or about how to make sure a hero see it, feel free to reach out to us!